Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Snog-8/7/11

From "Making Summer Last," coming October 8th from Secret Cravings Publishing:

They were on the roof of his apartment building, star-gazing, drinking wine. He was sitting cross-legged on the plaid blanket they'd dragged out of his closet, and her head rested in his lap. They sat in companionable silence for a long moment, until he spoke softly, tracing the lines of her forehead with his fingertip.

“You look beautiful in the moonlight, My-My-My Mia.” She grinned at his stuttering endearment.

“Muted light is good to me. You should see me in total darkness, I look like Angelina Jolie,” she joked, suddenly embarrassed by his intense gaze. He continued to study her face, his eyes wide and solemn. “Stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“I don't know, serious.” She let her voice boom low at the end. “What are you thinking?”

“Umm...that it'd be cool if I could just sit up here with you forever. I mean, interspersed with eating and sleeping in a real bed and going to Mets games. And sex, of course.”

“Of course,” she echoed, in a well, duh voice.

They were silent for a while, both contemplating his wish, and the deeper meaning of what lay unspoken between them. The words remained unspoken, because they violated the rules of their summer tryst, but when Jonah leaned down and pulled her to him, and kissed her, over and over, soft, slow, deep kisses, she began to wonder how she would go back to she would get up every morning without him...without Gus. Who would call her his-his-his-Mia back home? The Starbucks guy?


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  1. Oh, that's very romantic. I love the whole idea of sitting on a roof and snogging!

  2. Very sweet. Loved the last paragraph especially. But don't get me started on the "Starbucks guy". Mine real life one is so heinous he found his way into one of my stories and not in a nice way. LOL