Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Snog-8/14/11

Today's Sunday Snog comes from my (currently untitled) WIP:

“God, she's coming, she's coming,” Cam whispered savagely. “Put your arm around her.”

“Wait, what? Now?” Beck was nervous.

“Yes, now!” Cam looked desperate. Beck slung his arm over Lainey's shoulder.

“Now kiss her!”

“Whoa, ho,” said Lainey, leaning back an inch.

“Do it!”

Before she could blink, Beck leaned over and captured her mouth with his. His lips were soft and warm, and tasted like cherries. He cupped the back of her head in his palm. She kept her lips tightly closed, and resisted the urge to pull away. This was Beck. She'd caught him and Cam going through her underwear drawer when they were in junior high. She'd sat in the back seat with him when he was ten years old and broke his arm falling off the roof of their garage. She remembered how he stretched out with his head in her lap while her mom drove them to the hospital. He'd tried so hard not to cry, and she'd pushed his sweaty bangs back from his forehead and told him that everything would be alright. There was no way she could do this.

But he continued, kissing each corner of her mouth, then moving in, until her lips softened without her permission, and blended with his into a sweet caress.


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