Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review of Intimate Friends at Smitten With Reading!


It's no secret that this is my favorite trope...friends to lovers. This is another good one!

After running into her ex-boyfriend with his new fiance, Emma has spent the afternoon drowning her sorrows forgetting her evening plans with Noah. When he arrives, she is drunk, sad, and needing validation. Noah has been in love with Emma forever so when she puts the moves on him, he doesn't have the willpower to turn her away. This one night of passion turns into a powerful affair with incredible sex...the friendship was already there in this relationship, and adding in the incredible sex, just makes everything perfect...except for Emma is about to leave for a 2 year course in England.

Noah was incredible in this book. He always knew exactly what Emma needed when she needed it. When she was feeling awkward, he didn't allow her to wallow in that. Sweet, sexy, funny....really a perfect guy. He knows what he wants with Emma...he's been there mentally for a long time, and now that he has her where he wants her, he is not going to let her go without a fight.

Emma, on the other hand, is not quite there. She is not used to thinking about her buddy Noah as anything other than a friend. The transition is not a smooth one and she has been planning this move for a year now...one month of passion is not enough time to alter her entire life plan.

This is a sweet little read. It doesn't take much time....maybe an hour or two. It's great for a night when you simply need a happy feel-good romance.

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