Friday, August 26, 2011

Review of Intimate Friends by Smexy Books!

Last week, I read a review of Intimate Friends by Claire Matthews at Fiction Vixen. I read the words – friends to lovers and that the hero is a beta math professor and decided I had to read this novella – I love nerdy heroes. My mini review:

A friends to lovers story, that is really cute. Both Noah and Emma are quite shy and quiet. Noah is recently divorced and Emma has just come out of a long term relationship. Both teachers, they spend a lot of time together at the same school – and both pretty much have eyes for the other.

I think this book could have been much cuter if it had been longer. The conflict rests with the fact that Emma has an opportunity to go study in England. Once they tumble into bed (where Noah isn’t quite as shy – Rawr) Emma is then unsure if she should go. I just think it needed more pages for this uncertainty to be explored.

Otherwise, this is a cute, quick book (47 pages). I will definitely check out this author again. (Goodreads, Amazon)

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