Monday, July 4, 2011

Nice Review for Turn To You on Whipped Cream Reviews

Here's a nice review of Turn To You from Whipped Cream Reviews:

This story is a bittersweet World War II, Christmas romance with a happy, satisfying ending. I think it’s wonderful seeing more romances set in the earlier 20th century. This story has a good vintage feel. It’s easy to picture it as really happening in the 1940s. The use of language is accurate for the time and I didn’t catch any anachronisms. The heroine is believable as a widow of her time and the hero could have stepped out of “Destination Tokyo”. An excellent job creating vintage characters.

Amy Maddox’s character is easy to sympathize with as a war widow who is lonely and who needs some loving, both physical and emotional, in her life. She’s strong yet vulnerable inside. She tutors the hero in German and shares her home cooking with him as he is greatly missing such TLC from a woman. They become sexually attracted and attraction turns into something deeper. Sergeant Ben Schuester is a sweet-hearted beta hero who is still very much a man. His concern for Amy’s feelings and sensual pleasure makes him a sympathetic hero.

These are young people who are falling into real love for the first time in their lives so the story has a certain sweetness that is appealing. The pressures and impending separation of the war adds a bitter element that adds tension and poignancy to the short story.

The sex is plentiful with lots of strong emotion. A perfectly satisfying conclusion in this story. I enjoyed it very much.

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