Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Review of Turn to You from Manic Readers

"Ben and Amy meet when she tutors him in German in preparation for a spy mission into Germany. They only have a matter of weeks, but they fall in love. She’s a war widow, and fears the heartache of losing another man. He doesn’t want to commit to her because he doesn’t know if he will come back from his mission.

When he does return, scarred and on crutches, can she love him as he is now? They flaunt the social mores of the time to live together, and people in their town begin to give them a bad time about it. Will they both overcome fears and trepidations to marry? Their conflicts need to be overcome, and then they need to let each other know what their goals are.

Turn to You is a great modern historical about the Second World War. I enjoyed the characters and the story. Well written, interesting background story, nice little love tale which I liked a lot."


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