Sunday, June 26, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

This excerpt is from "Intimate Friends", an upcoming release from Evernight Publishing:

   "Em," he groaned, but it was more like a choked sigh, and she pushed his boxers down slowly with one hand, maintaining her grip on him, while he slid her panties off in a fevered daze. He felt himself dripping with excitement, because this was Emma, and he loved her, and he wanted her, more than he'd ever wanted anyone or anything in his life.  He had to kiss her, so he shifted her, maybe a bit too roughly, and took her mouth with his, meeting her tongue with heat and passion and need, biting at her lips, and letting out a shocked grunt when she bit back.  She moaned his name again, and oh Jesus...he was so hard, he was worried he would come right there, right then, in her hand, and he couldn't...
   "Em, wait," he cried hoarsely. She stopped, stunned, and looked at him with huge, surprised eyes.