Sunday, June 19, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

 6/19/11  Happy Father's Day!  Here's a Six Sentence Sunday except from Turn To You

“Amy,” he managed to choke, before she grabbed his coat sleeve and pulled him inside, closing the door firmly behind him. “Amy, I’m sorry, I wanted to call, but I had to go with some officers into town”—she buried her face in his chest as he continued, her ponytail bobbing under his chin—”and they said ‘all work and no play, Schuester’…” he rambled, as her hands reached down and grabbed his, warming his bare fingers with her touch, “…and I couldn’t get to a telephone…and they wouldn’t stop drinking beer…oh…” He sighed as her head moved up and her warm lips touched the pulse point on his neck, making it race.

“Ben,” she whispered against his skin, her breath cooling the wet spot that her lips had left behind. Her hands moved up and under his coat, peeling it off his shoulders and letting it fall to his feet.

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Claire Matthews. Turn to You (Kindle Locations 322-329).


  1. Yay, I've got dibs on the first comment on your first blog pose! Great job btw. Love your six. That warm spot on a guy's neck is one of my favourite places to be.